For patients suffering from the effects of chronic sinus pain and pressure, it may seem impossible to find relief. However, recent advances in ENT technology have allowed for a new breakthrough procedure that offers excellent results. The Allen Park & Southfield balloon sinuplasty procedure performed by our sinus doctor is safe, effective, and can expand the sinus pathways and repair drainage in the nasal cavity. At Detroit Sinus Center, Dr. Lascelles Pinnock is able to provide this minimally invasive procedure to our patients suffering from chronic pain due to sinus problems. Contact Detroit Sinus Center to schedule a consultation with one of our sinus doctors, and learn more about how we can help you find healing and relief from your sinus pain.

Balloon sinus dilation is an effective way to restore draining to your sinuses.

How Does Balloon Sinus Dilation Work?

Your Southfield and Allen Park sinus doctors will go through a balloon sinus dilation in three steps.Our Allen Park & Southfield balloon sinuplasty procedure utilizes small balloons that Dr. Pinnock places in the nose and sinus region. These small balloons are gently inflated to expand the sinus pathway. This method has been proved to be safe and effective for many patients who find that medication is not effective for their sinus pain.

Our Dearborn, Allen Park, Detroit, and Southfield balloon sinuplasty procedure has many benefits, including:

  • Instant, lasting relief from sinus pain and pressure
  • Comfortable, convenient procedure that can be done right in the Detroit Sinus Center office
  • A fast recovery period; many patients are able to return to normal activities within one or two days
  • May reduce medical costs


 Dr. Pinnock is both board-certified and experienced in in-office balloon sinuplasty procedures. He has performed the procedure countless times at Detroit Sinus Center with excellent results from our patients. Contact our office today to schedule your own procedure and find lasting relief from chronic sinus pressure.

Contact Us Today For Balloon Sinuplasty In Southfield & Allen Park

To learn more about Allen Park, Dearborn, Detroit, and Southfield balloon sinuplasty, give Detroit Sinus Center a call today. Our office staff is happy to help you schedule a consultation with Dr. Pinnock so you can learn more about the options available to you and make an informed decision regarding your medical care. We offer two convenient locations in Allen Park (313) 449-8871 and Southfield (248) 327-3344.

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