Signs A Balloon Sinuplasty Is Right For You

Balloon sinuplasty, also referred to as balloon sinus dilation, is one of the least invasive types of sinus surgery. The procedure was designed to help people find relief from chronic sinus pain and pressure, usually caused by sinusitis in its more serious stages. But how do you know if your symptoms are serious enough that a balloon sinuplasty would be your best option? In today’s blog, we’ll discuss how the procedure works, the common symptoms that people face before scheduling a balloon sinuplasty, and the many benefits of the procedure. Keep reading to learn more and then schedule a consultation appointment with Detroit Sinus Center.

How Balloon Sinuplasty Works

A balloon sinuplasty procedure quite simply utilizes small balloons to expand your swollen sinuses, help them drain, and help you breathe easier. Your physician will first locate the area in the sinus that needs to be treated. Then, they will carefully insert the inflation device through your nasal passageway. The balloons are gently inflated to expand the sinus pathway, helping the sinus drain easier and offering instant, lasting relief from sinus pressure and pain. The balloon is then removed from the treatment area. Learn more about how balloon sinuplasty procedures work at Detroit Sinus Center by referring to our balloon sinuplasty guide.

Best Candidates for Balloon Sinuplasty

Usually, we suggest that patients who are experiencing symptoms of chronic sinusitis are the perfect candidate for a balloon sinuplasty procedure. Sinusitis can be categorized into four types, acute, subacute, chronic, and recurrent. As we mentioned, those with chronic sinusitis symptoms should seek relief via a balloon sinuplasty procedure. This means that your sinusitis has lasted longer than 12 weeks and that your symptoms may fluctuate, but have never fully resolved. The symptoms of chronic sinusitis include:

  • Congested sinuses
  • Sinus pain
  • Sinus pressure
  • Sinus inflammation

After trying other methods such as nasal steroids, antibiotics, or decongestant nasal drops to no avail, we will point patients in the direction of a balloon sinuplasty. Although a common condition, the pain and discomfort caused by sinusitis is unique to each person and should not get in the way of you living your life comfortably.

If you have not yet been diagnosed with sinusitis but you think you may have it based on the aforementioned symptoms, do not hesitate to call your local ENT or sinus specialist to set up an appointment to find relief. Catching sinusitis in the acute or subacute stages is the best way to stop it from developing into a more serious condition that would lead to surgery. Learn more about sinusitis, the different types, its symptoms, and its risk factors with our guide to sinusitis.

Benefits of Balloon Sinuplasty Procedures

Unlike other types of sinus surgeries, balloon sinuplasty is minimally invasive and has a very short recovery period, usually one to two days. Additionally, you’ll feel relief instantly from any sinus pressure and pain you were experiencing. Finally, a balloon sinuplasty can be performed in-office, meaning there’s no expensive trip to a hospital — we can perform the Sinplasty right here in the Detroit Sinus Center office.

Schedule A Consultation for a Balloon Sinuplasty

At Detroit Sinus Center, we are a team of ENT specialists and sinus doctors who specialize in treating sinus problems such as congestion, pain, and pressure. Our very own board-certified Dr. Pinnock is experienced in performing in-office balloon sinuplasty procedures and loves hearing how relieved our patients are afterward. Additionally, we offer endoscopic sinus surgery and other medical therapy solutions such as nasal steroids and antibiotics. To finally get long-lasting, instant relief from your chronic sinusitis, schedule an appointment with Detroit Sinus Center today. We can’t wait to help you breathe easier!

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