What Are the Most Common Symptoms of Allergies

Allergies are one of the most common chronic conditions in the United States, affecting more than 50 million people. Allergies occur when your body overreacts to a foreign substance, such as pollen or pet dander. The Detroit Sinus Center offers a variety of sinus relief options, including medication and surgery. The Detroit Sinus Center is a leading provider of allergy testing and sinus relief, and we are here to help you find the relief that you need. Contact our team today to get the relief you need!

Image of a man about mid sneezeSneezing

If you’re sneezing more than usual, it could be a sign of allergies. Sneezing is the most common symptom of allergies, and it can be caused by both indoor and outdoor allergens. Allergy testing can help determine what you’re allergic to and how to best treat your symptoms.

Image of a woman with red itchy eyes

Itchy or Irritated

This is one of the most common allergy symptoms, and it can be extremely annoying. Allergies can cause your eyes to water and feel itchy and irritated. You may also experience redness and puffiness. The more you itch your eyes, the worse the symptoms can become. Allergy testing can help to identify the specific allergens that are triggering your symptoms.

Image of a person with hives


Hives are another possible symptom, and they can appear on the skin as raised, red bumps. Hives are often itchy and may be accompanied by swelling in the face or throat. If you experience hives, it is important to see a doctor as they could be a sign of a more serious allergic reaction.

Image of a young girl using an inhaler

Asthma Symptoms

Allergies can also cause asthma symptoms such as difficulty breathing and wheezing. If you experience any of these symptoms, you should see an allergist for allergy testing.

If you suspect that you may have allergies, it is important to see a doctor for allergy testing. Allergies can be treated with medication, and avoiding triggers is the best way to prevent an allergic reaction. If you suffer from allergies, the Detroit Sinus Center can provide sinus relief and help you manage your condition.Contact our team today to get the relief you need!

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