Common Myths and Misconceptions About Sinusitis

When it comes to your personal health, it behooves you to be as informed as possible. When you have a solid understanding of what’s happening to your body, it’s much easier to know how to treat your conditions. Just like it’s easier to fix your car when you understand how its components work, it’s easier to fix yourself when you’ve got the facts.

That’s why we want to dispel some of these common myths about sinus infections. There are a lot of misconceptions that are thrown around about sinus infections, and if you’ve bought into them, you might not have the knowledge and understanding you need to effectively get treatment. As sinus doctors and certified experts, our team at Detroit Sinus Center wants everyone to be as informed as possible. Here are some common myths about sinus infections:

Myth: Sinus Infections Are Contagious

We can’t blame you for buying into this one. The idea of sinus infections being contagious is a widely perpetuated myth, due particularly to the strong similarities between sinusitis and the common cold. Both conditions attack your sinus areas, causing unpleasant sensations such as runny and/or stuffy noses, sore throats, sneezing, and so on.

There are subtle differences between colds and sinusitis. Colds run shorter, generally for three to six days, while sinusitis typically clocks in at seven to ten days. Sinus infections are sometimes accompanied by fever, which is rarer in colds. Colds also generally produce clear mucus, while greenish or yellow mucus is more common with sinusitis (note that this is a generalization and there are exceptions to both cases).

In any case, the common cold is highly contagious, while sinus infections are not. Because many people confuse sinus infections as being colds, there is a belief that they are contagious, but this is not true. That being said, you’re probably better off just not getting your mucus on other people anyway.

Myth: Sinus Infections Require Antibiotics for Treatment

This kind of myth is why sinus doctors exist in the first place. For most people, the go-to response for sinusitis is antibiotics, and for a long time, was the preferred treatment from doctors. This lead to a belief in the idea that this is the most reliable way to treat a sinus infection when that’s not necessarily true.

Antibiotics are effective in a number of cases and we often prescribe them here at Detroit Sinus Center, but there are other treatments which can be much more effective depending on the type of infection you have. We have a comprehensive knowledge of sinusitis so we understand that one uniform treatment isn’t appropriate; each case demands its own unique solution.

At Detroit Sinus Center, we offer antibiotics, balloon sinus dilation, endoscopic sinus surgery, and medical therapy as means to treat your sinusitis.

Myth: Sinusitis Can’t Be Cured

This myth is one of the most tragic because if people buy into it, they could be depriving themselves of years that could be spent free of sinus infections. This myth mostly applies to chronic and recurring sinusitis, which are sinus infections that linger around for extended periods of time. Recurring sinusitis continually afflicts its victim over and over, disappearing for short spells at a time, while chronic sinusitis is essentially one giant sinus infection that can last for months at a time.

Both varieties of sinusitis can be treated. That’s why there are professionals who have devoted their study and career to sinus problems; there are options, but treating them requires a comprehensive knowledge about the human body and sinusitis itself. Sinus doctors meet these criteria, and can help you to put an end to your problems once and for all.

Balloon dilation and endoscopic surgery are both effective at treating your sinuses in the long-term. If you’ve been struggling with ongoing sinus infections, consider visiting your local sinus specialist for a solution that could end up being long-term.

Sinus Specialists in Detroit

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