Seven Symptoms of a Sinus Infection

By DetroitSinusCenter Jan 19, 2017

Seven Symptoms of a Sinus Infection

At Detroit Sinus Center, we specialize in providing sinusitis treatments for every patient in or around Southfield, Allen Park, and Detroit, Michigan. As your local sinus center, we’re proud to offer a number of different services and treatments to make sure your sinuses are operating perfectly. However, the first step is to realize if, in fact, you actually have a sinus infection. There are several symptoms that raise the likelihood of a sinus infection; here are seven of the most common ones.


One of the first signs of inflamed sinuses is a restriction on the ability to breathe through your nose. A sinus infection causes swelling and congestion in your nasal passages, causing stuffed up noses and runny noses.

Green or Yellow Mucus

When you’re feeling normal, your discharge should be clear. However, with a sinus infection, the discharge is commonly yellow or green. This discoloration is actually caused by white blood cells that are working to fight off the infection that you’re suffering from.

Sore Throat

When you have a sinus infection, it’s common for discharge from your sinuses to drain down the back of your throat. When this occurs over a period of time, it can lead to throat problems, including a sore throat. The longer the sinus infection lasts, the more irritated and inflamed your throat can get.


Tying into the previous point, when you have postnasal drip that’s causing irritation to your throat, this can also lead to coughing. This usually happens to be worse when lying down and this symptom can also make it harder to sleep.


It’s actually very common to misdiagnose yourself with a toothache when you actually have a sinus infection. The sinuses are very close to your upper teeth, especially your upper rear teeth, making any pain in your sinuses actually seem like it’s just a dental problem.

Headaches and Facial Pain

Sinus infections won’t just cause pain in areas that feel like toothaches, but it can cause swelling and pressure in the face and eventually it can even morph into a headache. Sinuses are meant to open up space, but if your sinuses and nasal passages are plugged, the trapped mucus can cause extra pressure in your face.

Lack of Smell or Taste

When your sinuses are inflamed, it can mess with your ability to properly smell or taste things. The air movement in the sinuses will help provide signals to the brain and let you know what you’re smelling or tasting. However, when you have a sinus infection, these senses can be dulled.

Think You Have a Sinus Infection?

If you happen to have any of these symptoms, we recommend scheduling an appointment with us so that we can give you an examination. We encourage you to give us a call at (313) 381-8787 for our Allen Park office or (248) 304-7772 for our Southfield office. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us. We look forward to helping you overcome any sinus problems you may have!

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