Are Over-the-Counter Nasal Sprays Dangerous?

By DetroitSinusCenter Aug 14, 2017

Are Over-the-Counter Nasal Sprays Dangerous?

Over-the-counter (OTC) nasal sprays are designed to give you temporary relief from nasal congestion and do help decongest your nasal passages if you are experiencing a slight cold or some minor nasal blockage. After some time however, nasal decongestants can begin to make your sinitus symptoms even worse and eventually can lead to chronic sinusitis. If you ever encounter sinus congestion or nasal pain that lasts for more than five days you should make an appointment with your Southfield and Allen Park sinusitus specialists here at Detroit Sinus Center.

Overusing OTC Nasal Sprays

When first using a nasal spray you may notice how effective it is at relieving your sinus congestion. This is because the spray has chemicals that shrink congested blood vessels and open up clogged passages. As time goes on the chemicals become less and less effective and your clogged blood vessels don’t respond at all, eventually making your congestion even worse than what it was before. This is known commonly as rebounding or rhinitis medicamentosa which will eventually lead to chronic sinusitis or other conditions that can only be treated by a sinusitis specialist.

How to Avoid Overusing Sinus Sprays

It may seem harmless to go over the time span instructed on the bottle when you’re feeling congested. You should only use nasal sprays for as long as the instructions recommend. This will prevent you from overusing it and potentially making your symptoms worse. We also recommend trying other decongestants that you take by mouth. These medicines are made from different chemicals and don’t carry the same risks as nasal decongestant sprays. A more natural approach could be using a nasal rinse like a Neti pot to flush away your stuffy nose. Finally, if your sinus problems continue, you may have a sinus infection and should see a sinus doctor as soon as possible.

Visit Southfield’s Infection Experts

If you are near the Southfield and Allen Park regions of Michigan and are feeling congested or have had a stuffy nose for a prolonged period, contact your sinus specialists here at the Detroit Sinus Center. Our sinus experts are here for you and can treat all kinds of sinus issues. We’re here to help!

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