Best Ways to Combat Sinus Pressure

By Patricia Aug 18, 2020

Best Ways to Combat Sinus Pressure

Your sinuses, connected to your nasal passage, bring moisture to the air you breathe and are also responsible for producing mucus, which traps bacteria and other foreign particles. So if your sinuses are designed to keep you from getting sick, why does sinus pressure hurt so much? The sinus experts at Detroit Sinus Center have all of the answers! Find out how sinus pressure builds, why it hurts, and tips on how to alleviate your sinus pressure and any accompanying headaches.


How Do Your Sinuses Build Up?

When your nasal passages become irritated, your sinuses may produce an excess of mucus to attempt to soothe the irritation. The problem is your nose can only hold so much mucus, so when your sinuses produce too much, your nasal passages swell, causing pain and pressure. This pressure can feel like your entire face and the inside of your sinuses are very tight. It can be very uncomfortable and if your sinuses have too much mucus for too long, you could experience throbbing pain that could spread into a chain of never-ending headaches.


What Causes My Sinuses to Produce Too Much Mucus?

Your sinuses may send a red alert and start producing a lot of mucus for a variety of reasons. The first cause is environmental irritants. While you may not realize it, there are potentially a ton of harmful irritants in the air around you. Whether you have allergies or not, many microscopic airborne particles can irritate your sinuses, especially with prolonged exposure.


What Can I Do to Combat Sinus Pressure?

First, locate the sinus pressure. Which of the four sinus areas are you experiencing tightness and pain in?

  • Your frontal sinuses in your forehead?
  • Your ethmoid sinuses between your eyes and across your nose?
  • Your maxillary sinuses in your cheeks, upper jaw, and/or teeth?
  • Or your sphenoid sinuses behind your eyes, up your scalp, and down the back of your head?

Now, you can target the sinus pressure and pain.
Here are some of our favorite tips and tricks for alleviating sinus pressure and congestion:

  • Use cooling techniques—get some ice or a cold compress and hold it against your sinuses. Cooling down your head, especially targeting the problem area will feel so much better.
  • Try massaging—gently massage your sinuses to release some of the build-up and reduce swelling.
  • Get humidified—you’re going to want to bust out your humidifier if you’re experiencing sinus pressure. Adding moisture to the air you breathe will greatly reduce your irritated and swollen nasal passages, relieving you of uncomfortable sinus pressure in no time.
  • Elevate your head—while laying down after a long day of battling sinus pressure headaches may sound amazing, it could actually increase mucus buildup. Even when you go to sleep, if you’re still experiencing sinus pressure, be sure to prop your head up with extra pillows to help calm your irritated nasal passages.
  • Stay hydrated—that’s right, drinking water is the solution to so many health annoyances, including alleviating sinus pressure. Be sure to increase your water intake if you’re ever feeling sick, especially if your sinuses are involved.
  • Use a saline flush—saline sprays and washes are great at increasing moisture in your nose and in turn reducing sinus pressure. Get saline solution at your local drugstore or try making your own with iodine-free salt, baking soda, and distilled water.



Expert Sinus Treatment In Detroit, MI

Most likely your sinus pressure is at best a minor annoyance, but it’s always important to look out for your health. At Detroit Sinus Center, we specialize in all-things sinuses! From nasal steroids to help reduce swelling, to balloon sinus dilation, we love helping our clients breathe better. Contact Detroit Sinus Center today to schedule an appointment.

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