Why Your Sinuses May Be Worse At Night

By Patricia Nov 10, 2020

Why Your Sinuses May Be Worse At Night

Do you ever go to sleep feeling perfectly fine but then wake up to a clogged nose? While you sleep, there are a few different factors that may be worsening your sinuses throughout the night. In today’s blog, we will be discussing the four common reasons that your sinuses are worse at night, and what you can do to prevent waking up with sinus pressure and a congested head.

1. Your Sleeping Environment

When you are sleeping, what is going on around you? If your pets sleep in your bed and you have even the slightest allergies, their fur can irritate your sinuses throughout the night. If your bedroom doesn’t have enough moisture, the dry air could irritate your sinuses, so be sure to invest in a humidifier to soothe sinus pressure and congestion while you sleep. These aren’t the only factors that may be causing you to wake up with clogged sinuses, so in short, be sure to make your sleeping environment nice and comfortable before you hit the hay.

2. Your Sleep Quality

Even if you think you are sleeping a full eight hours every night, the quality of your sleep could be affecting your sinuses. In fact, even if you sleep less than the recommended eight hours, as long as that sleep is uninterrupted and you stay in deep sleep the whole night, you will wake up feeling refreshed and ready to go. Some things that may affect your sleep quality include pets jumping on your bed or on you during the night, a snoring or tossing and turning partner, your own snoring, and what food and drink you consume before bed. There are many factors to consider, but in all, to prevent waking up with clogged sinuses, be sure to get a full night of quality sleep, don’t eat too close to bedtime, and stay away from caffeine and alcohol a few hours before bed.

3. Hydration

Staying hydrated and drinking lots of water throughout the day will not only help you feel better overall, but it will also improve your sleep quality and does some work to alleviate sinus pressure, congestion, and pain. A properly hydrated body gets to work moisturizing the sinuses, allowing any clogs and tightness to loosen. If you ever get that feeling where you feel your sinuses are clogged and you blow and blow your nose but nothing comes out, you may not be properly hydrated. Be sure to drink plenty of water, about 1-2 fluid ounces per pound of your body weight per day, in order to keep your entire body, and especially your sinuses, nice and hydrated.

4. Gravity

Even if you follow all of our advice so far, know that gravity actually impacts your sinuses during the night. As you lay down on your back or side, gravity helps your blood circulate easier to the head. An increased blood flow to the brain for eight or more hours at night can certainly lead to sinus congestion, and in some cases, sinus pain. Additionally, as you are laying down during the night, gravity is working to drain your sinuses, however, they are likely getting drained into your esophagus and stomach which may lead to you waking up with a sore throat or wet cough. While there may not be anything you can do about gravity, you can still improve your sleeping environment, your sleep quality, and keep your body properly hydrated to prevent waking up to clogged sinuses every day.

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