Preventing Sinusitis In Winter

By Patricia Dec 17, 2018

Preventing Sinusitis In Winter

Winters in Detroit are unforgiving — and even your sinusitis can be affected. The wet, heavy snowfalls, the ice-cold, bitterly dry days in January, none of it helps your nasal cavities. If you’re already prone to sinusitis, a Detroit winter can make it even worse. The sinus doctors at Detroit... Read More

Common Myths and Misconceptions About Sinusitis

When it comes to your personal health, it behooves you to be as informed as possible. When you have a solid understanding of what’s happening to your body, it’s much easier to know how to treat your conditions. Just like it’s easier to fix your car when you understand how... Read More

When to See a Sinus Doctor

By Patricia Apr 28, 2018

When to See a Sinus Doctor

The sinuses are one of the most important parts of the human body, and for some reason, they just don’t get the attention that they deserve. There are all kinds of conditions that constantly get mainstream attention, but sinus problems go under the radar for a lot of people. In... Read More

Is Exercising with a Sinus Infection Safe?

By DetroitSinusCenter Nov 17, 2017

Is Exercising with a Sinus Infection Safe As the cold air of fall begins to settle in and we start to stay inside a bit more, the chances of catching a cold and allergies flaring up increases, and so does the chance of getting a sinus infection. While you may... Read More

Allergies and sinus infections have many similar symptoms. Allergies are a result of histamine, a chemical released by your immune system. Sinus infections or Sinusitis, on the other hand, is a bacterial or viral infection of the cavities around your nasal passage. Because both allergies and sinus infections affect the... Read More

Is my Sinus Infection Contagious?

By DetroitSinusCenter Sep 18, 2017

A question our Sinus specialists in Southfield and Allen Park, MI get when patients come in for sinus infections is whether or not they're contagious. We get this question often for obvious reasons. The swelling and pressure from sinus infections can be uncomfortable, and nobody wants to inflict that on... Read More

5 Ways You’re Making Your Sinusitis Worse

By DetroitSinusCenter Sep 13, 2017

Sinus infections are never fun. Especially since they commonly occur after other illnesses like the cold or flu. Often, sinus infections last for about a week and then tend to go away. But for many people, their sinus infection can last longer and become worse. When this occurs, you may... Read More

What to do Before & After Balloon Sinuplasty

By DetroitSinusCenter Aug 14, 2017

Balloon sinuplasty is a treatment we provide at our Allen Park and Southfield offices to help relieve pain and pressure from chronic sinus infections. This safe, and effective procedure requires no cutting or removal of any bone or tissue. Dr. Pinnock, our sinusitis specialist will use small balloons that they... Read More

Are Over-The-Counter Nasal Sprays Dangerous?

By DetroitSinusCenter Aug 14, 2017

Over-the-counter (OTC) nasal sprays are designed to give you temporary relief from nasal congestion and do help decongest your nasal passages if you are experiencing a slight cold or some minor nasal blockage. After some time however, nasal decongestants can begin to make your sinitus symptoms even worse and eventually... Read More

Is it Safe to Rinse My Sinuses at Home?

By DetroitSinusCenter Jul 13, 2017

As sinus specialists, the team at Detroit Sinus Center offers effective, long-lasting relief for sinus problems in Southfield, Allen Park, and the greater Detroit metropolitan area. Many of the patients we see visit us for treatment for their Southfield sinus problems. If you suffer from sinus problems, you know how... Read More

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